Data Analysis

Change your perspective!

Do you wish you could leverage more from your business by analysing key business data effectively. We can help to design dashboards and reports based on your key performance indicators that will help to define and target your sales and marketing decisions. Regardless of what system you use to capture your business data we can extract, transform and help you interpret it.

Business Benefits

  1. 1Team: Give your team the edge with quality data that they can trust and use. Use the data for planning, forecasting and collaboration on initiatives.
  2. 2Sales: Watch your sales grow with knowledge based on trends, history and projections. Discuss sales opportunities with key accounts and open up new potential.
  3. 3Targets: Use your existing data to assist in the creation and management of key sales targets to drive performance.


  1. 4Review: Make meetings factual and secure ongoing focus from all parties. Let the data do the talking allowing for realistic discussion and projections.
  2. 5Purchasing: Use you data to evaluate supplier performance and secure better prices and service. Understand your utilisation and predict stock profiles or wastage.
  3. 6Production: Provide direct feedback on production levels and resource utilisation. Ensure maximum utilisation of staff and resources based on fact.