Software Development


  1. 1Research: We start off every project fleshing out what your business really needs. We’ll come in and talk to you about your requirements, objectives and budget.
  2. 2Concept: When we’re happy that we’ve come up with an original solution for you, we’ll come back to you with a mock up of our ideas.
  3. 3Develop: Once the designs are finalised, we’ll develop the tool/system according to the objectives set by you.


  1. 4Testing: After developing the tool or system, we’ll thoroughly test and tweak it. This is by far one of the most important parts of the process.
  2. 5Deploy: When it’s ready, we’ll agree a time to press the green button and get your system live.
  3. 6Support: We’ll provide ongoing support, ensuring improvement for your end product and solution.